DuPage County Genealogical Society
DuPage County Genealogical Society
Design Your 3-Generation Name Tag
Get your customized name tag with your three generation family chart.
Wear it to genealogy meetings, conferences, research libraries
or anywhere you wear a name tag.
Quality white plastic cards, credit card size, 2-1/8" x 3-3/8"
Digitally printed with your custom chart
Seven names - three generations, only $8
With magnet back fastener
Optional pin (1.25") fastener available 
Planning a family reunion?
Create name tags by family lines.
Help all the cousins see and learn how they're related.
There are two optional fields available, one under your father’s last name and one under your mother’s last name. You can use them for a lifespan, e.g., 1920-2015 or a DNA haplogroup, e.g., J1c2b1.
Are you interested in DNA for genealogy?
Trying to get your cousins interested?
Add a haplogroup, paternal yDNA and maternal mtDNA.
Order online with payment via PayPal or by mail with payment by check
Name tags are $8 each (plus 8% sales tax for IL residents,) $4 shipping/handling within U.S.
Save postage by picking up your order at the next meeting, see our DCGS meeting schedule in the Events menu
Here are the details:
  • Display your 3-gen family chart on your name tag. 
  • It’s the size of a credit card with a magnet back fastener.
  • If you cannot wear a magnet, order your name tag with a pin back fastener.
  • When completing the order form, print or type your information exactly as you want it printed.
  • Surnames can be UPPERCASE; you may include middle names or initials, suffix - Jr/Sr, with or without punctuation.
  • The font is scaled by the amount of data printed.
  • Keep in mind, uppercase characters use more space, as does a middle name.
  • Include a middle name or initial, with or without punctuation, next to the first name.
  • When using the Excel spreadsheet to order multiple name tags, you should delete the sample rows provided and insert additional rows as needed. However, do not add/delete columns.
  • Save the spreadsheet, replacing the contactname in the filename, with your NAME.                             
How to order multiple name tags (more than 3)
  • Download the Excel form
  • Add your names
  • Save your work
  • Email the Excel form to sales@dcgs.org 
  • Mail us your check, payable to DCGS
  • P.O. Box 3, Wheaton, IL 60187 Attn: 3-Gen Name Tag
Illinois residents must remit 8% sales tax per nametag; $8.64 for pickup, $12.64 for mail.
Most orders can be completed and shipped within 10 working days.
All orders are custom and non-refundable.